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Mountain Minded Performance Consulting was established to support the pursuit of excellence in performance across all levels of sport experience.

Through improving self-awareness, tolerance of discomfort, connection with others, decision making, and attentional focus, Mountain Minded Performance Consulting aligns with performers to help better overcome challenges and attain their desired experiences in sport and personal life.

After growing up in the northeastern United States as a competitive snowboarder and multisport athlete, Dr. Dave Botsford discovered performance psychology to cultivate greater mindfulness and performance success for himself and his clients. Developed through more than twenty years of consulting with professional, collegiate, and club level athletes and coaches, Dr. Dave’s approach to understanding and developing effective strategies to manage common psychological challenges in sport and beyond, has proven essential for the competitive success of many athletes. Dr. Dave’s extensive professional training and education in performance psychology, leadership skill development, interpersonal communication, motivation for behavioral change, and mental health counseling provides a variety of holistic interventions for individuals seeking to experience excellence in the most consistent and efficient ways.

Passion for the field of performance psychology comes from Dr. Dave’s adventuresome curiosity, hunger for excellence, and enjoyment in helping others. As a licensed clinical and sport psychologist, Dr. Dave is constantly striving to advance his knowledge of performance theories and psychological interventions to best support a diverse range of performers at every level. In addition to providing confidential and strength-based supports, Dr. Dave actively works to help athletes help themselves. As individuals can better recognize, understand, and manage the internal and external obstacles to consistent performance they become more psychologically flexible, resilient, and aligned with their sport goals and personal values.

Becoming Mountain Minded represents a performance experience that is solidly grounded in the self while striving toward the summit of excellence. The ‘mountain’ provides a centering concept for the provision of performance psychology services within the dynamic, uncertain, and often

daunting world of competition and performance. Many performers describe that their identity as an athlete is inextricable from their identity as a person. Therefore, the intellectual, social, and emotional functioning of the whole person must be accounted for to effectively support any performance concerns. We all experience good days and bad days in sport and in life, but the greatest performers within any discipline can trust or adjust their formulas for performance regardless of opponents or other constraining aspects of their competitive environment.

Dr. Dave Botsford provides performance psychology services via individual sessions and team workshops for athletes, coaches, and sports parents in Santa Barbara California, and throughout the state of California. Professional training and experience as a competitive athlete, coach, and counselor provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to help athletes achieve sports excellence more consistently within any performance discipline and level of competition.

Dr. Dave, a licensed clinical and sports psychologist, is the consulting sport psychologist for Variant Training Lab in Santa Barbara California. Dr. Dave is a member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), the American Psychological Association (APA) – Division 47 (Sport Psychology), and a member of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) Sport Psychology Registry and USOPC Mental Health Registry.


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