Approaching Mountain Minded Services

Mountain Minded Performance Psychology provides an array of research- based assessment, coaching, and counseling services designed to support the mental skill development and emotional wellbeing of athletes and individuals interested in feeling better and performing better. Mountain Minded services emphasize excellence, i.e., always wanting to learn and improve, over perfection. Wherever you are in your journey, in terms of experience, age, level of competition, or injury recovery Mountain Minded Performance Psychology services are tailored to the specific needs of each individual, team, or group.

Individual Ascent Sessions

Mountain Minded Performance Psychology utilizes a holistic strengths-based approach for the individualized assessment, counseling, intervention design, and mental preparation of athletes and all individuals striving to overcome obstacles and attain goals more efficiently and versatilely.

All individual sessions are 50 minutes and may include mental skills training, counseling services, or a combination of both. Counseling, via in-person or Zoom sessions, is available for individuals experiencing symptoms of depression, coping with injury, anxiety, trauma, grief, and loss, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, or other life stressors.

Mental skills training is designed to support athletes and other performance-focused individuals in pursuit of greater mental toughness, cognitive flexibility, self-confidence, learning efficiency, motivation clarity, coachability, trust in self, attentional control, ability to manage negative thoughts, tolerance of emotional discomfort, self-awareness, leadership abilities, communication skills, emotional composure, and mindfulness skills.

Individual Sessions

Dialed-In Assessment Services

An integrated assessment approach is utilized in order to accurately recognize and address mental health challenges, dysfunctional coping strategies, or maladaptive patterns affecting an individual’s performance in sports, experience in relationships, functioning in school/work, and overall emotional wellbeing. Individualized objective and self-report instruments are available to provide clarity around the presenting concern.

Mountain Minded Performance

Summit Workshops

Group presentations are custom designed for each audience of athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers, or others to address topics related to athlete mental health and the psychology of performance e.g., coping with injuries, navigating competitive transitions, leadership development, stress management/avoiding burnout, communication skills, conflict resolution, anger management, performance anxiety, team cohesion, overcoming mental blocks/slumps, suicide prevention training, as well as supporting and referring individuals with clinical concerns (trauma, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, substance use issues, adjustment, identity concerns, self-harm). The length and content of each workshop can be adjusted to the needs of the group.


Team Consultations

Team sessions are more precise ways to engage groups of athletes and coaches around topics of performance psychology. Both practical information and behavioral skills training can enhance awareness of team dynamics and specific contributions that each individual can improve on a daily basis. Team consultations allow teams to explore group concepts such as trust, team roles, leadership, team values, and team norms. Team sessions can include athletes and coaches.

Dialed-In Assessment

Mountain Minded Services for Professionals

Performance is performance, whether in the arena of sport (e.g., field, court, pool) or in the world of business, medicine, and education the psychological theories related to the performance of the individual or group are the same. Mountain Minded Performance Psychology offers strategies to enhance the resolution of conflicts, increase leadership effectiveness, as well as improve interpersonal communication, skill acquisition, and the motivational climate in any professional setting. Obstacles such as professional burnout, staff turnover, and operational inefficiency can limit growth and success, even leading to business closures. Through consultation with individual leaders and professional team members. Mountain Minded Performance Psychology offers practical evidence-based strategies to help businesses reach the summit of their professional goals.

Individual Sessions