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From Snowboarder To Sport Psychologist

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Building Consulting Practices

Book Description

Building Consulting Skills in Sport and Performance Psychology is an international compilation of case studies that introduce students and early career professionals to pertinent issues within a variety of performance environments.

With contributions from prominent international practitioners, the book offers case studies from a variety of performance environments including sports, performing arts, and high-risk occupations. Each chapter presents a case study and provides exploratory questions relating to ethical considerations, intervention planning, and awareness of diverse themes of race, culture, gender, immigration status, and disability, among others. These reflection questions encourage students to acknowledge the individual circumstances of all performers and to recognize their own unique background and how this impacts their attitudes, beliefs, and connection to potential clients. The text promotes honest self-reflection regarding consulting strengths and potential areas for improvement, and an online Instructors’ Manual looks at possible solutions for each case.

The book will be essential reading for supervisors, mentors, students, and professionals engaged in providing consulting services in distinct performance environments. It encourages its readers to use careful self-reflection to integrate theory and practice and refine their own consulting philosophies.


Table of Contents


List of Contributors

Preface: Bridging Theory with Action: Voices and Perspectives from Around the World

Ani Chroni, Chelsea Wooding, Sarah Castillo, & Doug Barba

Section 1: Cases from Traditional Sport

Chapter 1: Youth Sport: “Just Don’t Lose” Karen Lo, Hong Kong

Chapter 2: Collegiate Sport: “The Stoic Collegiate Swimmer” Poppy DesClouds & Natalie Durand-Bush, Canada

Chapter 3: Club Level Sport: “The Struggling Dual Career Support Provider” Koen De Brandt, Paul Wylleman, & Simon DeFruyt, Belgium

Chapter 4: National Level Sport: “A National Team in Crisis” Carolina Lundqvist and Henrik Gustafsson, Sweden

Chapter 5: Olympic Sport: “Being Mighty Warriors” Shameema Yousuf, Zimbabwe

Chapter 6: Paralympic Sport: “Classification Troubles in Wheelchair Rugby” Grzegorz Więcław, Poland

Chapter 7: Professional Sport: “The Outsider” Charlie Maher, United States

Section 2: Cases from High-Risk Occupations

Chapter 8: Police/Fire: “Back into the Breach” Damien Stewart, Australia

Chapter 9: Military/Special Warfare: “Life Lessons and Leadership” Elizabeth Beaubrook, United States

Chapter 10: Medical Professionals: “Mary Sue” Doug Newburg, United States

Section 3: Cases from Performance Domains

Chapter 11: Dance: “Choking on the Dance Floor” Ashley Coker-Cranney, United States

Chapter 12: Music: “The Returning Pop Singer” Kaori Araki, Japan

Chapter 13: Acting: “One Actor’s Journey: Moving Beyond a Failed Audition” Jacob Jensen,

United States

Chapter 14: Culinary: “The proof is in the pudding!” Frank Eirik Abrahamsen, Norway

Section 4: Trends in Consulting

Chapter 15: Corporate Consulting: “Seeking Next Level Leadership” Adam H. Naylor, United States

Chapter 16: e-Sport: “Ninjas in Pajamas” Doug Gardner, United States

Chapter 17: Action Sport: “The Apprehensive Action Sport Athlete” Sarah Clifford, United States

Chapter 18: Master’s Athletes: “The Timid Triathlete” Jen Schumacher, United States

Chapter 19: Forced Immigrants: “I just want to play” Thierry Middleton, Canada

Chapter 20: Athletes with Disabilities: “Just get over it” Andrea Faull, United Kingdom

Section 5: Ethical Considerations in Consulting

Chapter 21: Who is the Client?: “The team, the coaches, the manager, the owner, the players…and the Sport Psychologist” Matt LaCoste, France

Chapter 22: Consulting versus Counseling: “Kio’s Concussion Conundrum” Megan Byrd & Brandonn Harris, United States

Chapter 23: Tele-Consulting: “The Stagnating, Anxious Swimmer” Abby Keenan, United States

Chapter 24: Consulting Boundaries: “The Burned-Out Consultant and the Importance of Self-Care” Sebastian Brueckner1 & Gorran Kentta2, Germany1 and Sweden2

Section 6: Consulting Competencies

Chapter 25: The Influence of Spirituality: “Faith Integration and Sport Psychology Consulting” Trevor Egli & Leslee Fisher, United States

Chapter 26: Working with Coaches: “Consulting Sports Coaches: A Case of Coach Development” Alexander T Latinjak, Spain

Chapter 27: Working with Parents: “It Runs in the Family” Kathy Feinstein, United States


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